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OpenSource Software

Technically speaking, Wikipedia describes "open source" as, "a philosophy, or pragmatic methodology that promotes free redistribution and access to an end product's design and implementation details." This concept is dependant on the fact that open source implies that the source code used to implement software is free for use, redistribution and modification. This allows developers to freely customize software. This also means a new method of licensing is needed.

Linux/UNIX Links

Linux is an operating system similar to Microsoft's Windows or Apple's MacOS. The difference, however, is that Linux is an open source operating susyem. Linux has all of the features of a comercial operating system


A distribution (a.k.a. "distro") is a version of Linux that is pre-packaged. Distributions are usually for different purposes. For example, Ubuntu is a distribution designed to be easy to install and contains software that most people will want to use, i.e., OpenOffice.

The distributions are one of the most confusing things about Linux to new users. Generally speaking, the distribution one chooses is dependant on what wants to do as a user. As stated by, "Ubuntu, Linux Mint and PCLinuxOS are considered the easiest for new users who want to get productive in Linux as soon as possible without having to master all its complexities. On the other end of the spectrum, Slackware Linux, Arch Linux and FreeBSD are more advanced distributions that require plenty of learning before they can be used effectively. openSUSE, Fedora, Debian GNU/Linux and Mageia can be classified as good "middle-road" distributions. CentOS is an enterprise distribution, suitable for those who prefer stability, reliability and long-term support over cutting-edge features and software."

You can review the Linux distributions and keep a watch on which is most popular by going to

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Some links related to the bash:

Office Software

Sure, Microsoft Office is a terrific piece of software. However, a user must buy the software at a fairly significant price. One of the best features of OpenSource software is that it is free of monetary charge.

The two most popular office suites are LibreOffice and OpenOffice. LibreOffice is a "fork" of OpenOffice. This meant that each came from the same place (the same code base) but are going in different diredftions.

  • LibreOffice - LibraOffice is a full-functioning, full-featured office suite.
  • OpenOffice - OpenOffice is a full-functioning, full-featured office suite.

Graphics Software

Say something about graphics software...

  • GIMP - GIMP, the Graphic Image Manipulation Program is full-featured graphics editor similar in functionality to Photoshop.