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This is the bash Tutorial. The bash is a Linux shell that enables users to type in commands. More here...

This is the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Computer Science department's bash Tutorial. For information regarding its original writing as well as its modifications, corrections and customization for UWP-CS, please refer to the About page.

The bash is a Linux shell that enables users to type commands. It is a command line-style user interface that combines the best features of two popular shells, the sh (Bourne Shell) and the Csh (C Shell).

The bash is also a powerful programming language allowing users to write shell scripts that leverage all of the power of bash commands. The bash allows the use of variables, conditionals and repetition statements.

This web site is a series of eight tutorials designed to give UWP-CS students their first experience using the bash. In addition to introductory material, there are four beginner tutorials and four experienced tutorials.

Besides the tutorial, there is a links page that directs students to some of the many Open Source software resources, an about page that describes the evolution of the Bash Tutorial and a contacts page that allows users of the tutorial the ability to contact the authors.

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Version Release: 1.0.0 RC1


The initial release of the Bash Tutorial is released as V1.0.0 RC1. Release Candidate 1 will be active until further notice.

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