Timothy H. Knautz

Lecturer, University of Wisconsin-Parkside

CSCI 322 - Web Concepts II

The following, is general information concerning CSCI 322.


This course is the second of two courses that will introduce the student to the technical side of Web concepts. In today's fast paced communication-centered world, the World Wide Web is an important source for a plethora of information. Even though there is a wealth of tools for building Web sites, they cannot do it all. You still need to know "what's under the hood" to be an effective Web master.

Web Concepts II concentrates on server-side concepts and will introduce the student to the basic building blocks of Web site functionality: operating systems, Web servers, transport protocols, databases & SQL and server-side programming. To reinforce the concepts, the student will learn technologies that are widely used in the Web community today. We will cover such technologies Linux, Apache & IIS, HTTP and URL's, MySQL and PHP.


At the end of this course, you should be able to:


This course uses Desire 2 Learn (D2L) as a course management tool and as the main course communication tool. Items found on D2L include:


There are several program that you will find useful throughout the semester. If you will be doing some of your work at home, you may need the programs listed below.


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